Trump Silenced
Trump Silenced

Thumbs Up Trump
Thumbs Up Trump


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When Donald Trump opens his mouth from the bully pulpit and says all Muslims should be banned from the US, even when they die serving our country; or he describes any woman as “a total piece of ass;” or calls Mexicans a bunch of “rapists;” the hostility of his words are tantamount to yelling “Fire!” in a crowded theater.  That’s not free speech; it’s abuse of the First Amendment.  Trump is a scofflaw.  He has no respect for our courts or for Constitutional government. His thirst for power is insatiable.  Now that he’s President he has entitled and empowered others to behave like he does.  Many have proceeded to intimidate and physically harm innocent Americans and their friends.

Have you ever seen a Raven grab a Red Tailed Hawk by the feathers and hold on?  We at Naughty Raven have.  Once Ravens identify a menacing intruder, they will pursue and attack it relentlessly, without regard for its size or strength, until it is driven off.  Trump is no President; he is a privileged, petty fraud; a thin-skinned bully; and a mortal threat to our Democracy.  He can declare whatever he wants: We won’t back down!

Be loud!  Be heard!  Our country and our Constitution need you.  Write/call your Congress(wo)men, wear a T-shirt, post some stickers, and be a NAUGHTY RAVEN now!


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