Naughty Raven is a special website for the unique political artwork of Kira Od. It is called “Naughty Raven” because Ravens often do provocative things that can get them in a lot of trouble.

Can you find the real President in Trump Trumped? (Hint: One has his name on a ribbon; the other goes by his Justice Department pseudonym.)

True Trump is Naughty Raven’s simplest and most straightforward portrait of the President so far. Wake up, America: Do you really think a compulsive liar can lead our country to greatness?

Donald Trump is an obsessive “tweeter.” He tweets lies and insults, mostly; but on occasion he uses Twitter to actively encourage hate and violence. This doesn’t just offend most Americans; even his own staff wishes he’d keep his thumbs to himself. Naughty Raven’s solution? Trump Thumb-Tied.

Madman-In-Chief Trump is what you get when an angry, ignorant, unpredictable narcissist is elected to our nation’s highest office.

The thin-skinned, delusional man-baby currently playing President loves to give a ‘thumbs-up’ when he thinks he has his audience fooled; but he can’t fool Naughty Raven. Naughty Raven knows that Trump’s ridiculously high self-regard makes him the biggest sucker of them all. That’s Thumbs Up Trump.

What’s in a meme? Everything. A meme says it all without speaking a word. That’s Trump Silenced.

Devoid of respect for truth, law, and human decency; Trump sows chaos and hatred every time he opens his mouth. He will destroy our nation if that’s what it takes to hold onto his power.

After drawing several museum quality portraits of a con-artist President, Naughty Raven shifted to something simpler: Signs for Decency inspired by Congressman Adam Schiff’s amazing “You might think it’s okay” riff.
True journalists work hard and check their facts. They are shining lights of democracy; not “enemies of the people.”

Neo-Nazis and White Supremacists have no redeeming social value. Not only aren’t “some” of them good people; NONE of them are good people.

Naughty Raven cannot comprehend a policy as stupid and inhumane as taking young children from their refugee parents “to discourage immigration.”

“Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!” Real Americans know that LIBERTY — not a wall — is what we fight and die for.

Shortly before the 2016 Presidential Election, “VOTE” was frantically scribbled onto a big piece of scrap foam core. The text of the work is too dense, unpunctuated, and lengthy to include here. But in the Stars it riffs, “I have struggled a lifetime to be respected I have fought a lifetime to be heard I have spent a lifetime honing skills to make myself more articulate I have worked a lifetime to be strong I have studied a lifetime to think more clearly I have searched a lifetime to be more understanding…” The word, “VOTE,” is filled with the four words, “It can happen here,” repeated over and over. And the red Stripes at the bottom make up the rant: a profane outrage at the lies, racism, sexism, and hate that Trump used to propel himself into the Presidency, with repeated comparisons to Hitler.

VOTE Riff-Rant

What better way to say that invading Iraq was stupid than to tattoo portraits of George W. Bush and top members of his administration onto whole chickens and then photograph them in custom settings? Prints of these Fowl Art pieces were sent to each of them, accompanied by letters of protest against their ill-considered war.

Bush in the Grass

Cheney in His Bunker

Rumsfeld Crashes a Wedding

Might Makes Rice

Ashcroft’s Pledge

Uncle Powell

Back in the 90’s I helped friends with a ‘zine called, DPN, or, “Diseased Pariah News…a patently offensive publication of, by, and for people with HIV disease (and their friends and loved ones).” The humor was outrageous and dark, but the tone was distinctly fun.

The August Senator from Philip Morris

AIDS Terrorist